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Polish National Association

554 Hill Street
London, Ontario
N6B 1G1
Phone: (519) 434-2576

Polish National Association Hall

Polish National Association is celebrating its 80th anniversary

Oficial hall opening after the renovation (in Polish Only)

The Polish National Association, which will celebrate its 79th anniversary this year, was founded in 1920, by just a handful of Polish immigrants. Practically penniless and with very little knowledge of the English language and customs, but with great enthusiasm and energy, their desire was to be good Canadian citizens and uphold the Polish culture and traditions.

Their main source of income was a small Variety Store, which they opened in a cottage in London, and together with concerts and dances, they raised enough money to purchase the former Bethemanuel Church at 554 Hill Street. Volunteers worked desperately to renovate the church into a hall, which was a home away from home , and then held dances, bazaars, banquets, etc. But by 1948 many more Polish soldiers and survivors of the Second World War emigrated to Canada and settled here in London. Naturally, the old hall was inadequate and in 1958 the construction of the new hall began. It was completed and opened on April 26, 1956. So now, after forty years, the renovation of the Auditorium was undertaken at beginning of this year and with much pride, we are planning the grand opening of the newly renovated facility on May8, 1999. The Auditorium can accommodate 350 people plus the lower Hall can accommodate 140 people.

PSN hall after renovation

Since Poles are very sports minded, the Polish National Association purchased 37 acres in Nilestown and built a Polish-Canadian recreation Centre, consisting of Banquet & Dance Hall, soccer fields an dressing rooms.

We are very happy, proud and contented Polish - Canadian group, who appreciate the privileges and opportunities we are blessed with in Canada.

Here is the flag of our organization:


If you would like to rent our hall on 554 Hill St. or our summer hall in Nilestown please call us at 519-434-2576

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