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Our Service

This page is providing information for customers interested in advertising on Poloni@ Business site. If you are interested in building a separate web site for your company, please go to our "web design section".


Today, the Internet is developing rapidly. In short time it has become a part of business strategy for almost every company, small and big. You may ask yourself the following questions: Is the Internet right for my company? How can I use it to get more customers? How can I get started quickly and inexpensively?

Computer technology is used in every field, therefore, having a presence on the Internet has become a necessity. You should start today in order to stay in business tomorrow. Your presence on the Internet is not anymore a question. The question is how to do it?

Our company will help you to establish Internet presence quickly, inexpensively, and safely. Advertising of your business on the Internet is opened 24 hours a day, is never closed and available for the entire world. Do not wait, your competition is already there.

We offer the following services for our customers:

  • Placement of information about your business utilizing standard template on our site.
    This include one page and one picture/photograph with information in Polish and English. Both texts have to be provided by business owner.

  • Possibility of adding more pages and pictures/photographs.

  • Custom design of your page/pages to give you better exposure on the Internet.

  • Frequent updating of information on your pages.

  • Submission of your pages to major directories and search engines for maximum exposure on the Internet.

  • In addition we can discuss and implement any custom design of your pages.

Our basic service starts from $100.00 per year.
For more information you can contact us at any time:

Phone: (519) 472-1666
Fax: (519) 472- 0313

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